Research Interest: Cultural safety

Cultural safety is an explicit critique of settler-colonial health systems. It was developed by Māori nurses in Aotearoa, who pointed out that healthcare systems were not therapeutic or safe for Indigenous Māori. Irihapeti Ramsden who was strongly influenced by postcolonial theory identified a framework for working with Māori. Since its origins in Aotearoa, the definition of cultural safety has been expanded to include other forms of difference and disentangled from Māori. health and The Treaty of Waitangi in the curriculum. The concept has since traveled to other white settler nation contexts including Australia and contexts like the arts. In my own work, I have been interested in how the concept is operationalized in health services, particularly by Nurses. I also work with arts organizations to consider what kinds of institutional transformations are needed for them to become safe to access for those who are marginalized.